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Let´s prevent violence against women and girls – we have more knowledge than we think

It is time for developed and developing countries alike to take the issues of the prevention of gender based violence seriously by investing in what will stop the violence and assist the victims to survive better.

We have evidence on what works and how to implement it, but we are not using it. Currently victims experience pain and loss equivalent to 5% of GDP for inter-personal violence in developed countries and much higher in many less affluent countries. Yet the evidence shows that a relatively small investment – maybe 2/10th of one percent of GDP – would reduce violence by 50% within 10 years.

The critical implementation steps require a shift from over-relying on what does not work to investing in what has been proven to work. It must also include greater investment in (secondary) pre-crime prevention programs that follow a ¨logical model¨ to reduce violence against women and children. The World Health Organization is providing leadership to help governments make the shifts in orientation and resources.

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New Optimism for Urban Violence Prevention (post 22)

A new study confirms sustainable ways for violence prevention to succeed against one of the most intransigent challenges for urban violence. It organised the empirical knowledge to demonstrate that the cycle of violence affecting urban Aboriginal peoples in Canada is amenable to ¨risk focused¨ prevention.

Stakeholders in positions to implement prevention agree with the science but lack the political and financial support to sustain the actions that would save lives and avoid wasted taxes. However, a growing number of ¨super-cops¨ in Canada, UK and USA are calling for actions that continue smart enforcement but embrace and fund effective prevention.

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