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Keep Rape Out of Politics and Politics Out of Rape – By Anne Seymour and Dean Kilpatrick, Ph.D. (post 33)

It simply boggles our minds and breaks our hearts that rape has been far too casually leveraged within the realm of politics.

For the millions of women, men and children in America who are victims of rape and sexual assault, the psychic wounds of victimization seldom heal. Every time rape is dismissively discussed by people who have no clue about this crime and its tragic effects, the potential for survivors’ wounds to reopen is huge.

And if you insist on merging rape with politics, we offer one important exception. Why not do it in a way the actually helps and doesn’t harm rape and sexual assault survivors?

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Where are the political champions for crime victim rights? (post 24)

Political champions for victim rights at the International Criminal Court and the EU have set practical international standards to provide victims with protection, justice, truth and reparation.

Unfortunately, national political champions for victim rights do not often put their money where their mouth is. The USA provides some important exceptions. Further, leading victim advocates and my recent books provide the logic, practical examples and ways to innovate.

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