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Are US Media Headlines of End of Mass Incarceration Wishful Thinking or Could They Become Reality?

US crime victims and taxpayers could benefit from reductions in mass incarceration and particularly new approaches to effective ways to stop homicides, drug deaths and traffic fatalities, but it has not happened yet–despite NYT headlines! A new book on Smarter Crime Control will be released in November. It uses evidence to guide a real shift saving hundreds of billions of harm to victims and as much as $100 billion in wasted taxes.!

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Where is the evidence that prevention reduces crime? (post 20)

Government agencies now provide searchable data banks of promising best practices which have been proven to prevent crime. Leading experts point to the successful ways to reduce violence by focusing on early childhood, youth programs and actions on violence against women.

Pioneering practitioners, experts and jurisdictions are balancing smart enforcement with greater investment in proven and logical prevention strategies. They call for braiding policing, schools, housing, social services and so on.

This blog provides selected sources for seven topics that recur in the pragmatic discussions about how to invest and make the successful shift to much greater reduction of crime and prevention of victimization.

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