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Prevention is most intelligent way to deal with violence, not picking up pieces with prisons and rehabilitation (post 32)

“Prevention is the cheapest and most effective way to deal with crime – everything else is simply picking up the pieces of failure that has gone before.” Prime Minister Cameron in the UK talking about an intelligent crime policy that overlooks investment in prevention.

In the same week, good doctors collaborating with the World Health Organization show the costs of more of the same but stress the potential dividends to victims and taxpayers of intelligent investment in proven prevention.

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Siding with crime victims requires successful prevention (post 23)

Being on the side of crime victims requires successful implementation of violence prevention that works. If governments and so taxpayers are to pay on the basis of results in reducing the number of victims of crime, we would see a massive shift from traditional policing strategies and mass incarceration to smart problem oriented policing and targeted social crime prevention.

For the harm done by the offender, he is responsible. For the harm done because we do not use the best knowledge when that is available to us, we are responsible. We and several government websites show we have the knowledge and so let´s side with crime victims and stop them being victimized in the first place.

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New Optimism for Urban Violence Prevention (post 22)

A new study confirms sustainable ways for violence prevention to succeed against one of the most intransigent challenges for urban violence. It organised the empirical knowledge to demonstrate that the cycle of violence affecting urban Aboriginal peoples in Canada is amenable to ¨risk focused¨ prevention.

Stakeholders in positions to implement prevention agree with the science but lack the political and financial support to sustain the actions that would save lives and avoid wasted taxes. However, a growing number of ¨super-cops¨ in Canada, UK and USA are calling for actions that continue smart enforcement but embrace and fund effective prevention.

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