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Mixing alcohol with evidence to get 40% reduction in violence –From Cardiff and Milwaukee to Amsterdam (post 37)

Amsterdam aims to tackle the alcohol related roots of violence using a strategy already proven to have reduced violence by more than 40% in a UK city – Cardiff. Why not in your city?

It uses data from admissions to hospital emergency rooms to identify hot spots for alcohol related violence. This enables smart policing and bye-law enforcement to focus on the source of the alcohol and so reduce violence.

Likely this strategy would be as relevant in your city as in Amsterdam or Milwaukee. It is an obvious quick win for municipalities with huge savings in costs to hospitals and to police in calls for service – not to mention stopping the costly harm to victims of violent assaults and, likely indirectly, sexual assaults.

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The Future of Crime Prevention: Solutions to Challenges by Erich Marks (post 36)

One of Europe´s foremost experts on crime prevention identified seven challenges to the future of crime prevention for the European Forum on Urban Safety´s Congress on the Future of Crime Prevention.

He calls for governments to invest in applying our current prevention knowledge and shift from over-use of more of the same and ¨crime fighting¨. Responsible persons will use evidence based strategies and in doubt adapt programs proven to have worked in the past. The cost benefit analyses show that crime prevention is more successful than more of the same when there is good management of the prevention programs and adequate funding and personnel.

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Politicians can invest now in violence prevention – public interest demands it – no more excuses (post 35)

Smart politicians must invest now in proven violence prevention. It is more cost effective than reactive policing and more jails. So the public interest calls for investment in what works to reduce violence, smarter use of current police resources and a shift to prevention from taxes wasted on over-use of jails.

For this investment to remain fiscally neutral, politicians must simultaneously limit the growth of incarceration. We know that a dollar of taxpayers money invested in early childhood or youth prevention will have the same impact on crime as $7 on the operation of prisons.

Politicians can no longer prop-up their inaction on proven violence prevention. It is easy to access the knowledge. It is affordable. Inaction is costing gains in immediate opportunities for at risk youth and long term pain to victims and misspent taxes.

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Siding with crime victims requires successful prevention (post 23)

Being on the side of crime victims requires successful implementation of violence prevention that works. If governments and so taxpayers are to pay on the basis of results in reducing the number of victims of crime, we would see a massive shift from traditional policing strategies and mass incarceration to smart problem oriented policing and targeted social crime prevention.

For the harm done by the offender, he is responsible. For the harm done because we do not use the best knowledge when that is available to us, we are responsible. We and several government websites show we have the knowledge and so let´s side with crime victims and stop them being victimized in the first place.

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