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Science Not Retribution will Stop Homicide

How can we honor the hope expressed by Michael Brown Sr. that the death of his son Michael in Ferguson, Mo., last summer will ¨lead to incredible change, positive change, change that makes the St. Louis region better for everyone?”

St Louis has such high losses of life from homicide that, on a per capita basis, it is one of four U.S. cities in the list of the 50 most violent cities in the world and it is rising in this embarrassing list. But this is not inevitable, it is preventable but it will require politicians to use Smarter Crime Control to apply science to save seven thousand or more lives and by the way save tens of billions of tax dollars annually.

Unfortunately the informed debaters such as the recent New York Times Debate about public safety still do not talk about effective violence prevention. They ignore the US science on effective and cost effective violence prevention, which show that we already know how to prevent violence and it is not by tinkering with police powers or overuse of incarceration.

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Does Canada have its own new Jim Crow?

Does Canada have its own new Jim Crow? Is Canada making the same mistakes as the USA? Are racial minorities disproportionately victims of violence due to over-reliance on incarceration?

Canada was forced to focus recently on fact not political fiction. Canada not only over-incarcerates its minorities but is allowing rapid growth in incarceration of Aboriginal Peoples and visible minorities. Unfortunately these policies are not reducing violence, particularly for Aboriginal Peoples and ¨visible minorities¨. Let´s get strategies that champion victims by stopping violence. Let´s stop taxes going to pick up pieces. Let’s get smarter crime control in Canada.

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How to reduce homicide and mass incarceration safely in the world´s prison capital (post 25)

The US State that has the highest rate of incarceration in the world has a rate of murders that exceeds that of Canada, UK and Minnesota by a factor of seven or more!

We know that the over use of mass incarceration and so intolerable State debt came from massive government funding in the past. So smart investment in violence prevention will protect victims from violence, while also reducing State debt by reducing mass incarceration.

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New Optimism for Urban Violence Prevention (post 22)

A new study confirms sustainable ways for violence prevention to succeed against one of the most intransigent challenges for urban violence. It organised the empirical knowledge to demonstrate that the cycle of violence affecting urban Aboriginal peoples in Canada is amenable to ¨risk focused¨ prevention.

Stakeholders in positions to implement prevention agree with the science but lack the political and financial support to sustain the actions that would save lives and avoid wasted taxes. However, a growing number of ¨super-cops¨ in Canada, UK and USA are calling for actions that continue smart enforcement but embrace and fund effective prevention.

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16. Legislating More Prison Time Does Not Deter Violence but Smart Policing and Pre-crime Prevention Do

Numerous studies by economists and others show that attempts to increase the deterrent effect of incarceration by adding minimum penalties to criminal codes and lengthening already long sentences have failed to demonstrate success in reducing the number of persons who are victims of violence or the extent of harm to crime victims. In contrast, smart policing can reduce the number of, and harm to, victims significantly. In addition, there are many proven pre-crime prevention strategies that are cost effective in reducing crime and harm to victims of crime.

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