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Violence Spikes in Some of Our Greatest Cities, While Solutions Wait for Action

Shootings involving young men in street gangs are not inevitable, they are preventable. BUT success requires our leaders to be smarter about getting results, particularly by re-balancing funding between smart policing and targeted social development.

Among the key actions for legislators are to:
* Invest now in the proven social development strategies that are able to assist young men in problem places to choose a lifestyle free from handguns. One example is the proposed US Youth Promise Act.
* Encourage cities to take a leadership role in “public health” strategies where smart planning and action have got results, such as reduced inner-city violence as demonstrated by Glasgow in Scotland.

The US Attorney General noted the ¨spike in violence in some of our greatest cities¨. The numbers of young men killed every year underline the need for his ¨smart on crime¨ paradigm shift but the evidence on effective violence prevention calls for bolder ¨smarter crime control¨ that stops the victimization, avoids lives and taxes being wasted, and is consistent with the fundamental right of potential victims to be protected by the best public safety consistent with current knowledge.

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Biden can stop gun violence but must use both US and international knowledge and best practice (post 38)

Newton has provided the ímpetus to get US legislators to come to grips with the dubious status of the USA as the affluent world´s society with the most fatal interpersonal violence. The announcement today of the iner-agency task force chaired by Joe Biden to look at solutions to gun violence will only succeed if it uses both US and international knowledge and best practice.

Stopping urban gun violence in US cities such as New Orleans or Chicago is more obvious than preventing isolated mass shootings, such as Newton or Aurora. For urban violence, success will come from shifting from partial solutions and paying for incarceration to investing in comprehensive prevention.

For mass shootings, Dunblane, Scotland, and Port Arthur, Australia produced results, including fewer problem guns accessible and a large reduction in gun related homicides in Australia. Will Joe Biden succeed? Let´s hope so.

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No Sustained Prevention of Urban Violence Epidemic in Central America Without Smart Investment (post 34)

Street and gang violence are not inevitable, but sustained reductions in violence require smart investment in proven prevention. Growing human, democratic and financial costs of policies that only repress offenders must be reversed.

Effective solutions must engage youth, stop family violence, tackle guns, gangs and alcohol, and focus on victims and peaceful conflict resolution. Successful investment must be guided by a central secretariat that gets key sectors such as schools, health, police and youth services to work together.

El Salvador presents a special challenge but also opportunity to invest for the World Bank, the private sector and the government to invest in solutions that prevent homicides, reduce loss of investment and provide a model for Latin America.

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Comprehensive Prevention of Urban Gun Violence – Political Leadership Must Invest in Success (post 28)

Many cities in North America face a persistent barrage of young men shooting each other. Traditional policing is not enough. Successful solutions to stop the violence exist. These need comprehensive prevention strategies targeting violence. We need leadership in cities to use those solutions. We need support from all orders of government to invest in effective prevention.

It is time for political leadership to invest in the number one priority of (potential) crime victims to stop crime. This means using proven and successful smart policing and effective prevention. An investment that grows each year by as little as one per cent of what is spent on reacting to violence could stop shootings and street violence by 50% within five years.

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Prevent violence with less beer and fewer handguns (post 26)

¨1.The more beer consumed per capita, the higher the rates of assault per capita – so North American policies on restricting alcohol are better than those in Western Europe;¨
¨2.Rates of handgun ownership correlate highly with increased risk of personal victimization – so European and Canadian policies on restricting availability of handguns are better than those in the USA;¨

Some recent conclusions from prize winning victim advocate who analyzes international data on trends in victimization to identify actions that have reduced violence …

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