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17. US AG Endorses Winning Strategy to Prevent Youth Violence – Smart Enforcement and Prevention

The Attorney General wants to save lives and invest in youth by ¨braiding¨ the support from multiple federal agencies for local partnerships.

His winning framework, made public last week, is a logical and evidence based strategy. It wants to shift crime policy from the expensive ¨only criminal justice¨ reaction to crime. It calls for a wise balance between smart enforcement, risk focused prevention, and rehabilitation.

It is critical because it addresses causes and uses data. Potentially it will reduce harm to crime victims while reinvesting over-expenditures on law enforcement and incarceration. For sustained success, it must invest in making the shift and retool to make prevention as important as reaction.

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16. Legislating More Prison Time Does Not Deter Violence but Smart Policing and Pre-crime Prevention Do

Numerous studies by economists and others show that attempts to increase the deterrent effect of incarceration by adding minimum penalties to criminal codes and lengthening already long sentences have failed to demonstrate success in reducing the number of persons who are victims of violence or the extent of harm to crime victims. In contrast, smart policing can reduce the number of, and harm to, victims significantly. In addition, there are many proven pre-crime prevention strategies that are cost effective in reducing crime and harm to victims of crime.

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