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Violence Spikes in Some of Our Greatest Cities, While Solutions Wait for Action

Shootings involving young men in street gangs are not inevitable, they are preventable. BUT success requires our leaders to be smarter about getting results, particularly by re-balancing funding between smart policing and targeted social development.

Among the key actions for legislators are to:
* Invest now in the proven social development strategies that are able to assist young men in problem places to choose a lifestyle free from handguns. One example is the proposed US Youth Promise Act.
* Encourage cities to take a leadership role in “public health” strategies where smart planning and action have got results, such as reduced inner-city violence as demonstrated by Glasgow in Scotland.

The US Attorney General noted the ¨spike in violence in some of our greatest cities¨. The numbers of young men killed every year underline the need for his ¨smart on crime¨ paradigm shift but the evidence on effective violence prevention calls for bolder ¨smarter crime control¨ that stops the victimization, avoids lives and taxes being wasted, and is consistent with the fundamental right of potential victims to be protected by the best public safety consistent with current knowledge.

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Mixing alcohol with evidence to get 40% reduction in violence –From Cardiff and Milwaukee to Amsterdam (post 37)

Amsterdam aims to tackle the alcohol related roots of violence using a strategy already proven to have reduced violence by more than 40% in a UK city – Cardiff. Why not in your city?

It uses data from admissions to hospital emergency rooms to identify hot spots for alcohol related violence. This enables smart policing and bye-law enforcement to focus on the source of the alcohol and so reduce violence.

Likely this strategy would be as relevant in your city as in Amsterdam or Milwaukee. It is an obvious quick win for municipalities with huge savings in costs to hospitals and to police in calls for service – not to mention stopping the costly harm to victims of violent assaults and, likely indirectly, sexual assaults.

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Actionable Items for Police Chiefs to Reduce Crime and to Respect Victims (post 30)

The praxis and science of smart policing confirms that policing can reduce crime significantly and enhance the response to crime victims if police leadership succeeds in making a significant shift from reaction to prevention.

Smart enforcement can reduce crime by keeping prolific offenders off the street. Smart policing can prevent urban and gang violence by partnering in sustained multi-sector strategies that combine enforcement with prevention.

Police leadership support for targeted social investments will prevent victimization. Enhancing the police response to crime victims will increase police effectiveness and public support.

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Where are the political champions for crime victim rights? (post 24)

Political champions for victim rights at the International Criminal Court and the EU have set practical international standards to provide victims with protection, justice, truth and reparation.

Unfortunately, national political champions for victim rights do not often put their money where their mouth is. The USA provides some important exceptions. Further, leading victim advocates and my recent books provide the logic, practical examples and ways to innovate.

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Siding with crime victims requires successful prevention (post 23)

Being on the side of crime victims requires successful implementation of violence prevention that works. If governments and so taxpayers are to pay on the basis of results in reducing the number of victims of crime, we would see a massive shift from traditional policing strategies and mass incarceration to smart problem oriented policing and targeted social crime prevention.

For the harm done by the offender, he is responsible. For the harm done because we do not use the best knowledge when that is available to us, we are responsible. We and several government websites show we have the knowledge and so let´s side with crime victims and stop them being victimized in the first place.

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