Irvin Waller is a dynamic speaker. He has an international reputation for his knowledge of what halts crime and protects victims. He has won international prizes and recognition for his success in getting that knowledge implemented. He has a special skill for framing the issues so that governments listen.

He is regularly invited and reinvited to speak in English across North America, the UK and Australia. His ability to communicate in English, French and Spanish have led to many invitations and repeat performances in Europe, Latin America and Asia. He continues to speak at workshops at UN meetings. He presents logical solutions that have made headlines from Buenos Aires to London.

His new books on Rights for Victims of Crime and Smarter Crime Control continue his major role in shifting policy from the punishment and incarceration agenda to a genuine violence prevention and victim right agenda. Their translation into Spanish and soon other languages confirm the international interest in applying evidence, good practice and logic to crime problems across the world.

Among the themes that have made him popular are:

  • 1. Let’s Act Boldly to Stop Violent Crime
  • Thirty years of only spending on punishing violent offenders has increased taxes, violated victim rights, and done little to stop violent crime. Less Law, More Order shows how governments and cities across the world can also invest smartly in using proven and successful strategies to stop violence, reduce taxes and provide better futures for our youth, women and neighborhoods. It shows how to fight crime, prioritize victims and protect taxpayers. Now let´s get our leaders to act boldly.
  • 2. Let’s Guarantee Rights for Victims of Crime
  • Victims of crime want respect, safety, reparation and justice. Governments talk about it but it is time to rebalance justice and invest in meeting the needs of victims. He identifies the needs of victims and the standards agreed by governments. He uses science to show what police and courts must do to guarantee those rights as well as where legislators must invest to guarantee services and foster reparation. Now let’s get governments to do it.

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Irvin Waller speaks at the second TEDxUOttawa conference in Ottawa. Nov. 23, 2013.

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NCVLI Conference

Irvin Waller gives keynote to National Crime Victim Law Institute´s – learning from the experts.

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La Seguridad Ciudadana

Irvin Waller gives keynote to First International Congress on Community Safety in Ecuador (in Spanish).

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Partners for a Safer Community

Irvin Waller gives keynote to Peel Region Police Service Board on Effective Ways to Reduce Crime.

Slide, Key actions to advance Canada to reach International Standards

Canadian E-conference on Crime Victim Awareness

Irvin Waller makes recommendations to advance victim rights and assistance to international standards on E-conference organized by Victim Assistance On-Line for Canada.

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13th UN Crime Congress, Doha 2015

Irvin Waller moderates high level event on Why Do Victims Matter at United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in April 2015.


    • Rights for Victims of Crime:  Rebalancing Justice
    • Smarter Crime Control: A Guide to a Safer Future for Citizens, Communities, and Politicians