Irvin Waller calls for governments to meet international standards of victim assistance and invest in preventing victimization.

Less Crime, Lower Costs, Interview, BBC

Professor Irvin Waller, one of the authors of Policy Exchange’s Less Crime, Lower Costs discusses the publication on Radio 4’s Today Programme.

“The government has failed to carry out its election pledge to tackle the causes of crime, says a world expert on crime reduction.”
“Professor Irvin Waller said UK spending and policy had focused on enforcement – police, courts and prisons – and neglected crime prevention measures.”

Listen to the interview here.


Tory crime crackdown misguided, ignores prevention efforts that work: expert, THE CANADIAN PRESS

The Canadian expert who wrote the book on cutting crime rates says the Tory get-tough approach … is a misguided failure to focus on prevention measures. Irvin Waller wrote Less Law, More Order last year to educate politicians on the “smart policing,” school re-entry and addiction programs that actually divert otherwise budding criminals.

Sue Bailey