Smarter Crime Control: Smarter Crime Control: A Guide to a Safer Future for Citizens, Communities, and Politicians – Reviews

“Waller does a good job distinguishing between crime control and prevention, and he does a GREAT job of laying out an agenda for action.”

– John L. Worrall, professor of criminology, University of Texas at Dallas

“Packed with compelling statistics and striking depth of analysis, Smarter Crime Control urges the United States, which locks up 25% of the world’s prisoners, to serve as the leader in community safety. If heeded by policy makers on the local, state and national levels, lives will be saved, trauma reduced, violence-plagued communities restored and money saved.”

– John A. Calhoun, Speaker, past President of the National Crime Prevention Council and Senior Consultant to the U.S. Department of Justice and to the National League of Cities

“Irvin Waller is one of the few criminologists who use academic research to underpin the development of crime reduction policies at national and local government levels. The polices that Professor Waller advocates are designed to reduce victimization, re-offending and the use of prison and thus save tax payers’ money. Add in Professor’s Waller life-long personal commitment and passion to the cause of transforming justice and the ways we tackle crime and disorder, Smarter Crime Control is essential reading for national and local politicians, opinion formers as well for all working to reduce crime and create safer communities. We have much to learn from Irvin Waller’s wise words.”

– Nigel Whiskin, M.B.E., Director of Business Development, Restorative Solutions and formerly Chief Executive of Crime Concern, UK. Chairman´s Life Awardee, British Security Industry Association

“Professor Waller captures the imagination in this timely book. It focuses on what policy makers can do to make us safe – an achievable goal basic to victims of crime. It develops actionable proposals from a wealth of hard data and science. It is highly recommended for the general public and should be mandatory reading for our politicians as well as students and practitioners in criminal justice.”

– Marlene Young, Winner of the Presidential Award for Service to Victims of Crime and Co-Founder of Justice Solutions, National Center for Victims of Crime and the National Victim Assistance Academy

“There are too many victims of violence because of too many repressive policies that too often have failed. At last, this book´s careful analysis provides us all with multiple actions that will prevent violence and so protect our cities, especially young people and women. It shows how our leaders can reinvest our taxes from ineffective repression to effective prevention without additional cost. It is the indispensable guide to a new way of doing business – stopping violence before it happens – the most important right for crime victims. What could be more timely. ”

– Claudio Stampalija, professor, Faculty of Law and Founding Director of the Centro de Estudios para la Prevención del Delito (CEPREDE), University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires; adviser on Criminal Justice to the House of Representatives of Argentina; commentator in the media on crime and justice issues in Latin America

“For the first time, a readable book brings together a compelling analysis of the cost-effectiveness of ways to tackle the risk factors that lead to crime. Smarter Crime Control makes it inescapable that policing and prevention for the 21st century must be balanced and aligned towards the desired outcomes that are based in evidence. This book shows that community safety is much bigger than policing and will need the collaboration of many to have the best possible impact. Taking lessons from business, the new community safety must focus on consistent results, respecting our values and avoiding waste. This is mandatory reading for all that have a role in reducing victimization and keeping communities safe.”

– Dale McFee, Deputy Minister of Corrections and Policing, Government of Saskatchewan, Canada and Immediate Past President, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police


    • Fight crime by using science to prevent it
    • Stop homicides, rapes, muggings, burglaries and gang wars
    • Prioritize victims of crime by ensuring services and rights
    • Transform what police and judges do for victims
    • Convince legislators to protect taxpayers by spending smartly

    Irvin WallerIrvin Waller is a university professor, author and speaker. He won international awards for his role in getting the UN General Assembly to adopt the magna carta for crime victims. His recent books enable legislators and citizens to apply the science of what prevents crime and guarantees rights for victims. The interest by governments across the world in the books has led to many successes. The translation of the Less Law, More Order into four languages will multiply these successes. His compelling solutions make media headlines. His commitment to crime victim rights and the smart use of taxes frames his approach - and those of leading governments.

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