Rights for Victims of Crime: Rebalancing Justice – Reviews

A supplement with Canadian statistics, reports and recommendations is available as echapter 7 victims and victimization

“Rights for Victims of Crime: Rebalancing Justice focuses on the next steps forward for victims: comprehensive laws, permanent funding, and rights. … I encourage anyone who has been a victim of crime in any sense of the word … to read and embrace this book. It is a work that people must hold up to their legislators to demand that victims’ issues be urgently addressed through legislation that will change our national agendas. Only then will we see a proper balance of justice in our society.”

– Chief Justice Richard Barajas (ret.), Texas Court of Appeals, El Paso in the foreword

“Waller exposes the tough rhetoric that has driven responses to victims’ needs, and encourages an evidence-based approach. Clearly and concisely, he challenges victim advocates to act in interests of victims. As well as making the case for, he provides a framework to guide, an ambitious, but necessary, programme of victim-centred, criminal-justice reform.”

– Michael O’Connell, Commissioner for Victims’ Rights, South Australia

“This book makes the case compellingly to rebalance justice for victims of crime. Professor Waller is an icon of international advocacy for victim rights. He uses his knowledge of evidence and international best practice to explain what is needed to bridge the gap between current achievements and international standards. He provides a road map for legislative action and investment that is affordable for any government. He is tough on what must be done but makes it a must and easy read for taxpayers, policy makers and indeed for all.”

– Marlene Young, President, International Organization for Victim Assistance, Past President and Executive Director, National Organization for Victim Assistance, Past President, World Society of Victimology

“I applaud this new book. Rights for victims of crime makes the case for much greater investments to rebalance justice. It uses the latest in scientific research, best practice across the world, and international human rights norms. Waller has done it again. Though many proposals focus on the USA, there are lessons for every continent. Its pithy style and practical proposals for legislators make it easy to understand. This unique book is essential reading for policy makers, justice professionals and advocates for victims. It is a great achievement.”

– Marc Groenhuijsen, Director, International Victimology Institute Tilburg and President, World Society of Victimology

“Clear, instructive and inspiring – with this short book, Waller provides hope for victims of crime. He has combined his personal commitment and academic skills to make an empowering case for stronger services, reparation and rights for victims of crime – not just in the USA. Read it and let´s get our elected representatives to rebalance justice in Canada too.”

– Heidi Illingworth, Executive Director, Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime

“I’ve often been asked if there is a “good victimology textbook” for advocates, justice professionals and students, and NOW THERE IS! This excellent book addresses our field’s history, victims’ rights, services and support, and prevention, and includes an “action plan” for the future (in the “action plan,” just read the second paragraph on page 153, and you’ll get your money’s worth!). You can tell how excited I am about this book, and saying it’s an “MUST READ” is an understatement.”

– Anne Seymour, Winner of the Presidential Award for Service to Victims of Crime and Co-Founder of Justice Solutions, National Center for Victims of Crime and the National Victim Assistance Academy


    • Fight crime by using science to prevent it
    • Stop homicides, rapes, muggings, burglaries and gang wars
    • Prioritize victims of crime by ensuring services and rights
    • Transform what police and judges do for victims
    • Convince legislators to protect taxpayers by spending smartly

    Irvin WallerIrvin Waller is a university professor, author and speaker. He won international awards for his role in getting the UN General Assembly to adopt the magna carta for crime victims. His recent books enable legislators and citizens to apply the science of what prevents crime and guarantees rights for victims. The interest by governments across the world in the books has led to many successes. The translation of the Less Law, More Order into four languages will multiply these successes. His compelling solutions make media headlines. His commitment to crime victim rights and the smart use of taxes frames his approach - and those of leading governments.

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