Less Law, More Order: The Truth about Reducing Crime – Reviews


“In nine well-written, clearly documented chapters, Waller makes the case for adopting policies that privilege the prevention of crime over the current “tough on crime” response. He demonstrates how the punitive approach is actually tough on victims and taxpayers and produces questionable outcomes. The author offers a series of policy proposals that would focus on addressing the known causes of conventional crime, starting with programs to invest in more effective parenting and schooling. Many proposals are quite familiar (e.g., outlaw handguns), and some are especially ambitious (e.g., transform urban environments). Concluding chapters call for “investing in order” and “busting causes, not budgets.” Altogether, this brief but well-organized book offers a useful overview of the case for an alternative to the current crime-fighting public policies. Recommended. All public and academic levels/libraries.”

– Choice August 2007

“Challenges the conventional practices of law enforcement in reacting to crime. He presents scientific research, demonstrating crime prevention projects that have successfully tackled factors at the root of crime. Yet, despite findings by numerous prestigious commissions from both national and international sources, the current response appears to be increased incarceration and police force, which tends to lead to more incarceration. Waller details those programs that have proven successful in reducing crime by helping at-risk youth to complete school and get job training, preventing family violence, restricting hand guns, and addressing drug abuse through public-health services….[t]he clear challenge is to get responsible officials to see that a more effective deterrent to crime is to address social issues that lead to crime rather than the current reactive practice of increasing penalties and reacting to crime after it occurs.”

– Booklist January 1 & 15, 2006

“Powerful, passionate and persuasive writing, Less Law, More Order makes the case for prevention over punishment, for early investments in families and education over profligate incarceration. Evidence-based, Waller’s approach will reduce crime and victimization and will save money. A must read for every voter.”

– John A. Calhoun founding President and CEO, National Crime Prevention Council and former U.S. Commissioner of the Administration for Children, Youth and Families

“Want to reduce crime and save taxes? Less Law, More Order is a profound critique of where America has gone wrong in the fight against crime–and an impressive prescription of how we can put it right. I strongly encourage my colleagues promoting victim justice in the U.S.–and around the globe–to delve into Professor Waller’s analyses and put his proposals for change on their reform agendas. This is the authoritative diagnosis that the victims movement can use for prevention and justice.”

– Dr. Marlene Young, President, International Organization for Victim Assistance

“Less Law, More Order does not pull any punches. The solutions are not more police and prisoners. It uses the World Health Organization and other authoritative sources to show what must be done to reduce crime. It uses successes by cities from Birmingham to Bogotá to show how city leadership can reduce crime by combining forces to tackle its causes. Mayors and their officials must not only read this book but put these simple conclusions into practice.”

– Senator Larry Campbell, formerly Mayor of Vancouver and Chief Coroner of British Columbia

“Tory crime crackdown misguided, ignores prevention efforts that work: expert The Canadian expert who wrote the book on cutting crime rates says the Tory get-tough approach … is a misguided failure to focus on prevention measures. Irvin Waller wrote Less Law, More Order last year to educate politicians on the “smart policing,” school re-entry and addiction programs that actually divert otherwise budding criminals.”

– Sue Bailey, THE CANADIAN PRESS, 18 October, 2007

“Successful policing uses facts to put crooks behind bars. Smart policing uses facts to organize to reduce crime. Less Law, More Order uses facts from the authoritative sources in the USA and England. It puts in question our standard practices but shows what we must do better to reduce violence. It puts government leadership at the center of the fight against crime. This is a practical and smart agenda to make our countries safer from crime that the next generation of political and police leaders must read and put into action.”

– The Lord Stevens QPM, DL, former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service:U.K.


    • Fight crime by using science to prevent it
    • Stop homicides, rapes, muggings, burglaries and gang wars
    • Prioritize victims of crime by ensuring services and rights
    • Transform what police and judges do for victims
    • Convince legislators to protect taxpayers by spending smartly

    Irvin WallerIrvin Waller is a university professor, author and speaker. He won international awards for his role in getting the UN General Assembly to adopt the magna carta for crime victims. His recent books enable legislators and citizens to apply the science of what prevents crime and guarantees rights for victims. The interest by governments across the world in the books has led to many successes. The translation of the Less Law, More Order into four languages will multiply these successes. His compelling solutions make media headlines. His commitment to crime victim rights and the smart use of taxes frames his approach - and those of leading governments.

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