Less Law, More Order: The Truth about Reducing Crime


Here, Waller shows that hiring public health nurses and investing in helping youth at risk to complete school and get job training is better than hiring more police; preventing family violence, banning hand guns and dealing with drugs through public health saves more lives than incarceration; getting close neighbors to watch out for us and better industrial design are more effective than criminal courts; smarter policing is better than more police; paying for services to support victims and guaranteeing them rights is better than more rhetoric.

Waller does not stop at the science of what random control trials have shown to work. He takes the conclusions to the politicians so that they can see what legislation and policies they must implement to stop violence and respect victims. He proposes a crime bill that would reduce rates of crime by 50%, reduce the tax burden by 50% for police, judges and prisoners, and invest in services for youth, women, and neighborhoods that are at risk.

The pithy style of Less Law, More Order make this book stimulating reading for readers of non-fiction, whether in clubs, associations, schools or colleges. Its actionable recommendations flowing from 170 pages of proven examples enable politicians, mayors, and police chiefs to grasp what must be done and stop violence.

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“Powerful, passionate and persuasive writing, Less Law, More Order makes the case for prevention over punishment, for early investments in families and education over profligate incarceration. Evidence-based, Waller’s approach will reduce crime and victimization and will save money. A must read for every voter.”

– John A. Calhoun founding President and CEO, National Crime Prevention Council and former U.S. Commissioner of the Administration for Children, Youth and Families

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Less Law, More Order: The Truth about Reducing Crime


    • Fight crime by using science to prevent it
    • Stop homicides, rapes, muggings, burglaries and gang wars
    • Prioritize victims of crime by ensuring services and rights
    • Transform what police and judges do for victims
    • Convince legislators to protect taxpayers by spending smartly

    Irvin WallerIrvin Waller is a university professor, author and speaker. He won international awards for his role in getting the UN General Assembly to adopt the magna carta for crime victims. His recent books enable legislators and citizens to apply the science of what prevents crime and guarantees rights for victims. The interest by governments across the world in the books has led to many successes. The translation of the Less Law, More Order into four languages will multiply these successes. His compelling solutions make media headlines. His commitment to crime victim rights and the smart use of taxes frames his approach - and those of leading governments.

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