Smarter Crime Control: Smarter Crime Control: A Guide to a Safer Future for Citizens, Communities, and Politicians

Smarter Crime Control shows how to cut rates of murder, violence against women, traffic fatalities, and drug overdoses by 50%. It is a guide for citizens to understand the potential for safer communities at less cost to taxpayers. It explains the latest science to politicians so that they can choose to avoid $300 billion in harm to victims, while saving taxpayers $100 billion a year in the United States. read more / order

Rights for Victims of Crime: Rebalancing Justice

  • Gives priority to victims by ensuring services and rights meet national and international standards
  • Uses understandable science to show the gap between the needs of victims of crime and services to assist them
  • Highlights successes to show that governments can meet the needs of victims of crime and rebalance justice
  • Builds on proposals from police chiefs to put victims at the zenith of law enforcement
  • Demonstrates that offenders can provide restitution to victims of crime
  • Illustrates that legal representation of victims is fundamental to rebalancing justice in criminal courts

This short book makes a compelling case to put victims of crime at the center of government policy. It shows why and how to prioritize victims. It enables its readers to use powerful arguments for reform. It provides victims of crime and their friends and families with practical recommendations for legislators. It protects taxpayers from misspending. read more / order

Less Law, More Order: The Truth about Reducing Crime

  • Shows how prevention has stopped gang wars and prevented drug violence
  • Confirms ways of stopping rape, youth violence and drunk driving
  • Illustrates a new role for local government to diagnose and so solve the problems of crime
  • Calls for implementation of the powerful prevention science that has reduced rates of violence by 50% or more
  • Proposes how to protect tax-payers by shifting funds from wasteful use of prisons to smart prevention

The author, and the research, makes prevention science understandable and compelling. It uses success stories to show that preventing violence is affordable and feasible. It frames solutions to stopping crime in terms of how governments spend taxes on victims – prevention, enforcement and reaction. It has convinced governments to translate its proposals into French, Spanish, German and most recently Chinese. It has led to large scale national reforms and investments. read more / order


    • Fight crime by using science to prevent it
    • Stop homicides, rapes, muggings, burglaries and gang wars
    • Prioritize victims of crime by ensuring services and rights
    • Transform what police and judges do for victims
    • Convince legislators to protect taxpayers by spending smartly

    Irvin WallerIrvin Waller is a university professor, author and speaker. He won international awards for his role in getting the UN General Assembly to adopt the magna carta for crime victims. His recent books enable legislators and citizens to apply the science of what prevents crime and guarantees rights for victims. The interest by governments across the world in the books has led to many successes. The translation of the Less Law, More Order into four languages will multiply these successes. His compelling solutions make media headlines. His commitment to crime victim rights and the smart use of taxes frames his approach - and those of leading governments.

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